Sunday, May 27, 2007

"An Inconvenient Truth" goes to Australia

In November 2006 Al Gore came to Australia and trained 84 people to give a tailored version of his presentation, which is shorter than the original version and has an Aussie slant. About 1700 people around the country applied to do the training.

One of the people trained by Gore was Canberra environmentalist Trish Harrup. Locals might know Trish as the director of the Conservation Council of South East Region and Canberra.

666 ABC Canberra's environment reporter, Claire Gorman, went to observe Trish giving the presentation to staff at Australain Ethical Investments in Bruce.

Caroline LeCouter, the company's Executive Director, said Trish was invited to speak because it was "important all our staff appreciate what the environmental issues are, why we are doing it [ethical investing].

"It's also important that they, just as members of the community, understand climate change is an issue we've all got to do something about," she said.

Ms Harrup said that as soon as she heard Al Gore was going to train Australians for his Climate Project, she "jumped a t the chance."

"It was incredibly impressive to watch Al Gore go full steam for two days without stop.

"What really struck me about Al Gore was the fact that (he) obviously loved science. He's spent decades looking at science, speaking to scientists, listening to them and that's a valuable quality for a politician who actually looks at sciences rather than just media and polls," Ms Harrup said.

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